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About Highway Surveyors

Highway Surveyors Ltd does exactly what it says on the tin, we carry out highway surveys. We don’t build bridges, fill in pot holes or make fizzy drinks so that means we are completely devoted to collecting data.

About Highway Surveyors
About Highway Surveyors

Highway Surveyors understand the demands of Highway Engineers, because we are Highway Engineers, specialising in condition and inventory surveys, but with a twist. We want to help our clients get more out of their data, and faster than ever possible before. Our Clients are able to see the surveying progress, as it happens, on the internet with interactive tools for processing data. It also goes without saying that the data quality is the best you can get – poor data means poor results. So, no more waiting for months to see your data or guesswork on our progress. Our Clients really are part of the team.

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