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We look at consultancy as more of a helping hand. We are experts at collecting data and see many very badly worded specifications which usually end up costing the Client time and money.


We know how important it is to get the right survey regime and ensure that specifications and contracts are properly compiled.  Our MD has been in Highway Management and data collection since he had long hair and flared jeans in the 1970’s, and has quite a bit to say about highway asset management. We are experts at collecting data and have a wealth of experience you can tap into from tender specifications to data analysis.

But for the really serious Consultancy, we have teamed up with our friends at Metis and Symology who know all about Asset Management planning and can use our data to help you plan budgets and strategies for the future.

Highway Surveyors are delighted to add Hyperion Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd to our consultancy partners. Hyperion will provide their specialist asset management consultancy services to enable our customers to get more value from their survey data.


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