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ReGen® is a data collection, survey management, and data optimization tool with a Google Maps interface.

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We use ReGen for all our data collection project ReGen is the only software product that integrates the information being collected with an instant analysis that is available to view with internet access – no software to install or licenses to restrict access. All our Clients have free access to the product during the data collection cycle to give an instant overview of our survey progress and the condition of the network.

  • Progress – see the coverage unfold on a simple Google Map interface
  • Quality- Other than the colour coded banded bandwidth showing defectiveness, ReGen gives you the tools to see exactly what has been recorded. Why wait 6 months for other contractor’s data to be submitted before reviewing the quality. With HSL, you can do this within 24 hours of collection.

ReGen can be configured for any survey type and is also UKPMS accredited for all visual surveys.


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