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Skid Resistance Surveys

We operate SCRIM® and GripTester for network and site investigation testing. Our SCRIM® is GPS equipped and we operate with the latest collection system from TRL to enable real time data displayed on our SCRIM Analyser Web server.

Skid Resistance Surveys
Skid Resistance Surveys

We operate a TRL powered Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine (SCRIM) using the RSKID collection and analysis software. We have the only skid resistance measurement system that enables the Client to view data on a simple Google Map interface within 24 hours of collection. The interface can be upgraded to show your accident and site investigation data so you can have an instant assessment of potentially deficient locations.

Our SCRIM is also fitted with inertially corrected GPS to ensure accurate location of measurements. The network is fitted to our data, not the other way around which can cause locational problems.

We also operate a GripTester and Pendulum Skid Tester for site specific investigations.


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